Title 24 Lighting Controls

Acceptance Testing

SMART Light Systems is licensed to perform California Title 24 Lighting Controls Acceptance Testing (LCATT). The new 2013 Title 24 rules require lighting controls for most new construction, remodels, and tenant improvements. And as part of the inspection process, a licensed LCATT must inspect and test the installed lighting controls. The testing process is straight forward and our technicians are very experienced. Each project needs a quick review and then a quote can be generated.


Most small acceptance test projects can be completed in a few hours. Larger jobs may require testing and data logging equipment to be onsite for a few days. Your team will know up front what test will be conducted and also the procedures we will use. This way the contractor / commissioning agent can run a pre-test prior to our arrival. Our goal is to be onsite early, perform the tests, and sign off the forms so the project can keep moving. For large and small projects we can perform the tests at your convenience, at night, and even on weekends. Just give us a call or email your project to LCATT@smartlightsystems.net 

Design Review

SMART Light Systems can be part of the initial design process. We are experts in lighting controls and have experience in interpreting how the codes should be applied to your project. Why wait till we show up onsite to review your plans only to find out that something is missing, not compliant, or in some cases not needed? SMART Light can provide the confidence from start to finish that your project will pass.