LED and T8/T5 Installations

Installation for existing T8 Fluorescent Fixtures and also new LED Fixtures is very straight forward and simple.  Below is a pictorial of the steps for both types and also a link to download the instructions.  The SMART Dimmer Plus is installed next to the LED Driver or Dimming Ballast.  And then you connect the Smart Dimmer to the Smart Sensor.  There is no new wiring, conduit, or switches.  All work is done at the fixture level.  You install a SMART Dimmer and Sensor into each fixture for maximum energy savings and control.


32W T8 Bi Pin Fluorescent Fixture

Installation starts with either your existing fixture or a new fixture.  The T8 fixture on the left is a standard Bi Pin 4 ft T8 32 watt fixture.  For this retrofit you will need to replace the ballast with a 0-10V dimming ballast and new non shunted lampholders.  Install takes about 20 minutes. 

The new LED fixture on the right is for a new install.  This LED Driver is already set for 0-10V dimming so you just install the SMART Dimmer and SMART Sensor and you are done.

LED 45W Drop In Ceilng Fixture

SMART Dimmer Plus with
T8 Dimming Ballast

SMART Sensor Installed
Through Ceiling Tile
The SMART Dimmer fits next to the LED Driver or Dimming Ballast.  Line voltage goes to the SMART Dimmer; Tie all the neutrals together, the connect the SMART Dimmer AC output to the LED Driver/Ballast.  And finally connect the 0-10V Dimming Purple and Gray Wires.  The T8 fixtures will need new lampholders for dimming and these new parts also speed up install plus add safety.

There is not new conduit, wiring, or switches.  The install is really very simple.  And the setup only takes a few minutes.  By flicking your existing wall switch / breaker, Off and then On a certain number of times, you can quickly adjust all the settings for the SMART Dimmer.  These settings can be locked to prevent accidental changes. 
SMART Dimmer Plus with
LED Dimming Driver

SMART Sensor Mounted Directly to Light Fixture
Installation Diagram

The wiring diagram below shows how to install the SMART Dimmer Plus.
Pleaser refer to the Installation Instructions for more details.

SMART Dimmer Plus Installation Instructions