SMART Light Systems LLC


Thank you for your interest in SMART Light Systems. We have invented the product that commercial properties owners are looking for.  Our products work on new LED fixtures and also to retrofit existing T8/T5 fluorescent light fixtures to reduce electrical energy use. Plus the SMART Dimmer Plus can be used for Title 24 Compliance.  The SMART Dimmer Plus is the low cost solution for providing daylighting / dimming / occupancy control in commercial LED and fluorescent light fixtures.

Smart Light Systems was founded by Joseph Cochran and Al McBride.  We are a California based company that designs and manufactures lighting control products.  SMART Light products are made right here in California.  U.S.A made and supported.  SMART Light is also registered with the State of California as a Small Business. 

We believe in Making Your Lights Work For You by providing a simple affordale solution for lighting controls.

In California alone there are approximately 100 million commerical light fixtures.  And  lighting represent at least 35% of the energy consumed by most commercial buildings.  After consultation with the California Public Utility companies, we recognized that by combining daylighitng, dimming control, and motion sensing that +/-50% of the light fixture energy could be saved.

There are many applications where a low cost simple solution is perfect. Offices, warehouses, retail, breakrooms, supermarkets, cubilce areas are just a few great applications for SMART Dimmers.  Everyone wants to go green without spending any green. We believe that there can be energy savings technologies we should all be using that do not require over engineering or high costs. And if the products are simple to understand, provide a quick ROI, and are easy to install, then most people will jump onboard using the products.

You can contact us at or call 530-412-0971.