SMART Light Systems

LED and T8/T5 Compatible

 Simple Affordable Lighting Controls

Dimming Daylight Occupancy

Lighting controls do not need to be complicated or expensive.  SMART Light Systems has the simple affordable solution.  SMART Light products are manufactured in California.  U.S.A. made and supported.  Call for a quote or to find your local electrical supplier.

The SMART Dimmer Plus  is an "in fixture" controller and takes only a few minutes to install.  The SMART Dimmer Plus is hard wired to the SMART Motion Sensor.  This sensor has both daylighting and motion sensing combined into one package, and can be adjusted without tools or ladders using our Patented Technology.

PIR Occupancy Motion Technology

The SMART Dimmer Plus can brighten and dim LED and T8/T5 fluorescent fixtures using PIR Motion technology .  If the area is occupied the lights will brighten to say 80% power.  And when the area is not occupied the lights can either dim to say 20% and hold, or turn the lights off.

Daylighting Sensor Technology

The SMART Dimmer Plus can also brighten and dim the LED or T8/T5 fixture for daylight control and also cross lighting.  If it's a bright sunny day let SMART Light dim the lights while still maintaining desired light levels.  Working at night?  The lights will automatically brighten up to give you the light level you need.


SMART Light Demonstration Videos